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Since 2008, Consequence Forum has been dedicated to addressing the experiences, realities, and consequences of war and geopolitical violence in order to promote a clearer and more nuanced understanding of what’s at stake in choosing to wage war or engage in conflict. We do this through offering multitude of platforms that include a literary journal, a website, an interactive video series, a blog, and a half dozen social media outlets.

Journal subscriptions alone aren’t enough to cover all that we do. We rely on generous donations to help support our publications, programs, and mission.

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    We are grateful to all of our journal and forum contributors, donors, allies, volunteers, partner organizations, and corporate and foundation supporters. You and your support are why and how we are able to do all that we do.

    Consequence Forum is a 501(c)(3) registered in MA and all gifts are tax-deductible according to the extent of the law. Federal tax ID#: 27-0727456.

    Other Ways to Support

    Workplace Donations + Matching Gifts

    Matching gift benefits increase the impact of your gift by double or even, sometimes, triple. Please consider asking your employer if they offer matching gifts. If they do, then you may request fulfillment instructions from your company’s human resources department. Please let us know as well by emailing our Executive Editor, Matthew Krajniak, at

    Legacy + Planned Giving

    A planned gift is a lasting investment in Consequence Forum that secures our mission for years to come. Unrestricted gifts provide Consequence Forum the most flexibility to utilize the support where it’s needed most. Please find information on a few options for your planned or legacy gift.


    We are honored to receive gifts of support by will. You may leave Consequence Forum a stated dollar amount, a specific asset, such as securities, or a percentage of your residual estate (what remains after gifts to loved ones and expenses have been paid).


    Legal name: Consequence Forum, Inc.
    Address: P.O. Box 371820, Las Vegas, NV 89137-1820
    Federal tax ID#: 27-0727456

    This sample language may be useful: “I give and bequeath to Consequence Forum, Inc., P.O. Box 371820, Las Vegas, NV 89137-1820 [the sum of __________ Dollars ($____)] [ _______% of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate], to be used for its general charitable purposes.

    Retirement Accounts

    Donors can name Consequence Forum as a beneficiary of all or a specified percentage of their IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plan. Individuals who inherit retirement plan assets are usually required to pay income tax on them, so they’re often considered among the best assets to leave to charity.


    Please request a change of beneficiary from your retirement plan administrator or financial institution. Please list us as:
    Legal name: Consequence Forum, Inc.
    Address: P.O. Box 371820, Las Vegas, NV 89137-1820
    Federal tax ID#: 27-0727456

    Bank / Investment Accounts + Commercial Annuities

    If this is something you might consider, please check with your financial institution to see if this is an option available to you. If this is an option to you, a legacy may be left by naming Consequence Forum as a Transfer-on-Death (TOD) or Payable-on-Death (POD) beneficiary on a bank or investment account, or a commercial annuity.

    Life Insurance Policies

    If you have a life insurance policy no longer needed for your family, designating Consequence Forum as a beneficiary is a way to support our mission. If this is something you might consider, please consult your life insurance provider.

    Donor-Advised Funds

    If you, a family member, or your business are interested in supporting Consequence Forum through your donor-advised fund, please consider requesting a grant distribution through your DAF sponsor. Please check with your sponsoring institution/organization if Consequence Forum is listed as an eligible recipient in your DAF. If not, we would be happy to work with you to be added.

    Be sure to use Consequence Forum’s Federal tax ID#: 27-0727456 and indicate the gift purpose (i.e., “general operating support” or to “support Consequence Forum’s mission”).

    Wire Transfers

    For ACH/wire information, please contact our Executive Editor, Matthew Krajniak, at

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