A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Gold Star Brother

Dr. Robert Jay Lifton

Lt. Delvia Powers (née Van Ort)

Capt. William J. Powers

All Stockton Family Veterans

Sgt. James J. Kovach, USAF

CPL Stephen J. Kovach, US Army WWI

Sgt. E-5 Ambrosio Araujo Jr., USMC

Lt. (j.g) William B. Marshall, USNR

Lt. Col. Neal Douglas Molloy, USAAC

Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Carroll, USAF

Stephen Dabney Stockton, USMC

SP4 George Stephen Kovach Jr., US Army

George Stephen Kovach Sr., US Navy WWII

CPT William F.X. Kane, US Army

Edward D. Krajniak, USCG

Capt. Michael Tarlavsky

1st Lt. Gregory J. Paredes

Lt. William A. Stack IV, US Army

SPC William A. Stack III, US Army

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