Friends of Consequence Forum

(April 1st, 2023—March 31st, 2024)

Editor's Circle

Cheryl Myers

Amazon Literary Partnership
and CLMP


Joan Stack Kovach


Ronnie and Dave McMorris

Rick Shea and The Gratefuls

Martha Collins

Christopher Stack

Christine and PJ McGinty

Eastern Bank

Kennedy Kat

Peter Aldrich

Linda Hewitt and Terry Bremer

Barbara Wrenn

Peter Brown

Christine McGinty


Nina Steele Wellford

Andrew Stack

Lorie and Chris Lambert

Coleen and Joseph Krajniak

James Kovach

Regina Yando

John Fulton

Rick and Gitte Shea

Kearin Lewis

Kenneth P. and Ruth L. Wilcox


Hester Kaplan

Ann Morrill Riker


Rockland Trust Bank

Sheryl Sikola

Pamela Painter Macauley

Tony Schwalm

Matthew and Elizabeth Steele

Mary McGlynn

Kiku Adatto

Anne Kovach

Frederick K. Zimmermann

Elaine Tagliareni

Daniel and Rebecca Okrent

Christine Allen

James McCullagh

Susan and Graham Prindeville

Stephen and Susan Etkind

Mary and Peter Parker

Askold Melnyczuk

Pauls Toutonghi

Lynne DeCora

William Winston

William Park

Catherine Mixon

Wes Malzoms

Vicki and Richard Taylor

Virginia and Peter Stack

Shahriar Mondanipour

Scott Hebert

Ron and Shirley Wallace

Renee Brant

Nancy Hewitt

Michael Sheridan

Megan Heffner

Margot Cheel

Kenneth Paul

Julie Kronenberger

Joyce Peseroff

Joanne Adkins

Herr Sophie

Edward S. Gavrin

Diana and Allison Kornet

Connie Afshar

Annie Spang

Cheryl and Bill Behrend


Barbara Abramowitz

Janet Yassen

Richard Hassinger

Marjorie Brown

Linda Brion-Meisels

Laura Gillman

Jody and Gregory Doyle

JoAnne Chittick

James and Diana Kinch

Holly Harris and Charlie Dattola

Brenda Steinberg

Frances Murphy Araujo

Ambrosio Araujo

Alix White and David Bigley

William Winston

Nancy Sandel

Melissa Cooper

La Enck

Daniel Strawn

Mary Stack

Scott Hurd

Mark Stoneman

Thaddeus Tuleja

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