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Inside Consequence Volume 16.1, you’ll find a concentration of beautiful and compelling work that wrestles with the consequences of war and geopolitical violence. From “The Philosophy of Escape’’ where the speaker struggles with the guilt of fleeing his war-torn home to “Nora’s Wedding,” which follows a Jewish woman as she unexpectedly finds family and love in Germany to “Gertie’s Labyrinth” with its children who use make-believe to parse reality, each piece of prose, poetry, and visual art in Volume 16.1 engages with the entangled consequences of conflict in an artful and memorable way.

Note: Please enjoy a promotional price on the print version of this new issue. For any print copy purchased before June 20th, we’ll knock off $3 (a little more than 15%) from the cover price. This promo is for everyone so no coupon code needed. 


We offer a one-, a two-, and a three-year subscription to our bi-annual print journal. (We don’t offer a subscription to the electroinic version of our journals.) The subscription starts with the current volume.

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One-year: Two volumes—$34
Two-year: Four volumes—$68
Three-year: Six volumes—$102

Earlier Volumes

In addition to publishing literature and art addressing the consequences of war and geopolitical violence, Consequence has a tradition of spotlighting specific countries, cultures, and conflict-related questions through our features. Below is a list of such features from our earlier volumes.

Volume 3:  Contemporary Vietnamese Poetry in Translation
Volume 4:  Contemporary Croatian Poetry in Translation
Volume 7:  Contemporary Persian Literature
Volume 8:  Palestinian and Israeli Writers
Volume 9:  Cambodian Feature
Volume 10:  All-Women Volume
Volume 11:  Iraqi and Kurdish Poetry
Volume 13:  What is War Poetry? A Focus on The Iliad
Volume 14:  What is War Poetry? A Focus on the Bhagavad Gita

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