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Inside Consequence Volume 15.2, you’ll find works from authors and artists from around the world who offer hard-won truths and insights into the realities of war and geopolitical violence. These realities include a young transgender man making sense of his father’s experiences while fighting in Korea (“Korea, No Belt”), the multiple perspectives surrounding US soldiers being spit on when returning from Vietnam (“Spit and Spin: Rival ‘Memory Narratives’ of Veteran Abuse”), and the history of a country as revealed to a young woman by anonymous, pre-WWII photographs (“A Discussion with Ana Prundaru”).

You’ll also find works that address the ways we express these realities in the latest installation of our “What is War Poetry?” series. In our first installations, we focused on these expressions via The Iliad and the Bhagavad Gita. In this iteration, we explore these depictions through a different lens, through texts and ideas that could be construed as antiwar.


We offer a one-, a two-, and a three-year subscription to our bi-annual print journal. (We don’t offer a subscription to the electroinic version of our journals.) The subscription starts with the current volume.

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Earlier Volumes

In addition to publishing literature and art addressing the consequences of war and geopolitical violence, Consequence has a tradition of spotlighting specific countries, cultures, and conflict-related questions through our features. Below is a list of such features from our earlier volumes.

Volume 3:  Contemporary Vietnamese Poetry in Translation
Volume 4:  Contemporary Croatian Poetry in Translation
Volume 7:  Contemporary Persian Literature
Volume 8:  Palestinian and Israeli Writers
Volume 9:  Cambodian Feature
Volume 10:  All-Women Volume
Volume 11:  Iraqi and Kurdish Poetry
Volume 13:  What is War Poetry? A Focus on The Iliad
Volume 14:  What is War Poetry? A Focus on the Bhagavad Gita

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