Submissions are welcome during the spring (January 15 – April 15) and fall (July 15 – October 15) reading periods*, and will be considered for our print publication (Consequence journal), our website (Consequence online), or our blog (Consequence substack). Please note that all subs need to address in some manner the consequences of war or geopolitical violence.

If you have questions, please check out our FAQ page. If you still have questions after reading that, please send us an email via the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

*Translations is open year-round

Pay Rates & Submission Info


Print: $20 per piece
Online: $30
Substack: $30

We love any and all forms of poetry so no restrictions here.

Up to three poems per sub

Photo: Maya Angelou by Jill Krementz


Print: 1-4 pps—$30
5-10 pps—$40 | 11+ pps—$50
Online: $40
Substack: $40

Interviews, Critical & Personal Essays, Narrative Nonfiction, and everything in-between

< four thousand words

Photo: James Baldwin by Allan Warren


The same pay scale and guidelines as listed for the corresponding genre (e.g., a translated poem follows the Poetry guidelines)

Please note: Translations have additional sub requirements, which are listed on our submission platform.

Photo: Jorge Luis Borges by Grete Stern


Print: 1-4 pps—$30
5-10 pps—$40 | 11+ pps—$50
Online: $40
Substack: $40

Short: < five thousand words Flash: < a thousand words (regardless of the no. of pieces)
Excerpts: < five thousand words

Photo: Gertrude Stein by Carl Van Vechten


We pay for reviews, though primarily publish ones we solicit. We’re open to pitches, though, so if you have a review idea for a book, movie, play, etc., that’s related to craft and/or our themes—please reach out to our Reviews Editor here:

Fifteen hundreed to three thousand words

Photo: Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa


Print: $150 for eight-page spread
Online: $30
Substack: $30

We’re interested in all forms and mediums, though graphic narratves tend to work better online

Photo: Ai Weiwei by Alfred Weidinger

We believe firmly in championing the work of our contributors—in getting them and their work as much exposure as possible—so, in addition to other strategies, we submit to a variety of awards including but not limited to the Pushcart Prizes, the Best of the Net anthology, the Firecracker awards, and Deep Vellum’s The Best Literary Translations anthology.

Previous contributors include Elliot Ackerman, Peter Balakian, Jennifer Barber, Sven Birkerts, Kevin Bowen, Martha Collins, April Darcy, Jasmin Dzarnik, Ruth Edgett, Teresa Fazio, Anne Germanacos, Jesse Goolsby, Tami Haaland, Lee Hancock, Bridey Heing, Jen Hinst-White, Daphne Kalotay, Mohammad Kazem Kazemi, Anne Korkeakivi, Phil Klay, Margaret Luongo, Kai Maristed, Joyce Peseroff, Hilary Plum, Bob Shacochis, Brian Turner, Julia Wendell, Afaa Michael Weaver, and Bruce Weigl.

Questions? Please let us know.

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