Kalush Orchestra
Stefania (2022)
TRT: 3:08
Music and lyrics by Ihor Didenchuk, Ivan Klimenko, Oleh Psiuk, Tymofii Muzychuk, Vitalii Duzhyk and Dzhonne Dyvniy

The affecting vibe of Kalush Orchestra emerges from a fusion of hip hop and ancient folklore (where the long emphasis is on the vowels of words). A deep resilience and artistic brilliance garnered this band their win at Eurovision 2022. Their winning trophy has now been auctioned off raising $900,000 for the purchase of drones to assist Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s deadly invasion. Filmed through the riveting war ruins of Bucha, Ukraine, “Stefania” became the official video for Eurovision 2022. It is an ode to Ukraine as their motherland and to every mother as a life giving force. 

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