Fundraising Campaign for the BIPOC Feature

Consequence Forum is proud to announce our campaign to support our BIPOC Project, an initiative dedicated to amplifying the voices and visibility of BIPOC writers and artists who explore the themes of war and geopolitical violence.

BIPOC writers and artists offer singular but often unheralded perspectives on the far-reaching consequences of these conflicts. While we have featured works by contributors from this community since our inception, our Fall 2024 issue, Volume 16.2, will include a featured section for these individuals, so that we may amplify these perspectives with the hopes of providing a broader, more permanent platform for this community.

This Project is under the guidance of the Director of Creative Writing at Ohio State, Marcus Jackson, and a Project Advisory Board composed of former Poet Laureate of Virginia, Luisa A. Igloria; Director of the MFA Program at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Deborah Taffa; organizer with the disability arts ensemble Kinetic Light, Adonis Brown; and Content Manager for the Florence Project, Daniel Hernandez.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for this multifaceted initiative, which includes three main objectives.

  • Publish a Fall 2024 edition of Consequence journal with a featured section for writers and artists who identify as part of the BIPOC community. Our goal is to have this section compose up to 85% of the entire volume.
  • Expand our networks and outreach efforts to solicit and publish more works from BIPOC writers and artists on an ongoing basis across all of Consequence Forum’s platforms including our journal, website, Substack blog, and social media channels.
  • Establish mentoring mechanisms to support BIPOC writers and artists to aid in their long-term creative development.

Contributions to this Project will be used for expenses related to the payment of featured writers and artists, the solicitation and review of submissions, and the outreach efforts to various orgs in the BIPOC community. Additionally, funds will help cover the costs of ongoing mentoring activities and continued expansion of this initiative.

Please join us in supporting this important initiative.

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